Cool Idea! Award

Accelerating Innovation

Brilliant ideas for new products emerge every day. They can happen during long car rides to work, coffee shop conversations with friends or accidental encounters with inconvenience. But far too many promising napkin sketches end up in waste baskets because product development resources and funding are scarce. The Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award was created to help turn those inspiring concepts into real-life products.

Each year, the program awards an aggregate of up to $250,000 in Proto Labs services to innovative thinkers who can use their grant towards fully functional parts for prototyping, design iterations, testing or even an initial production run. Since its 2011 introduction, the Cool Idea! Award has been presented to well-deserving recipients whose products range from a smartphone breathalyzer to a rugged wheelchair to a self-serve beer system.

Proto Labs’ quick-turn services — Fineline™ Additive Manufacturing, Firstcut® CNC Machining and Protomold® Injection Molding — bridge the gap between great idea and great product.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply now.

 AMPY Roambotics’ Jr. Thruster-100 VOTO SOLOSHOT motorized base SkyLight with smartphone You?