DipJar Puts New Twist on Cashless Tipping

DipJar, a startup with offices in New York City and Boston, digitizes the all too familiar tip jar found at many coffee shops and restaurants. It allows credit and debit card users to leave a tip with a simple swipe of their card, providing service employees with yet another opportunity to collect that well-deserved gratuity.

DipJar lets coffee shop patrons leave quick and easy tips in a single swipe.

At a business where a DipJar is present, customers simply “dip” or insert their card into the device to leave a tip in an amount set by the establishment. The DipJar, which houses a card reader, circuitry and software to complete the cloud-based transaction, displays the amount tipped and makes a “change clinking” sound to notify employees of the payment. DipJar also is positioning the device as a way for charitable organizations to collect donations.

DipJar co-founder Ryder Kessler got his inspiration for the product during his days as a Harvard student, when he spent long hours in coffee shops. He was surprised to learn from employees he befriended that a busy day was worse than a normal one because hurried customers paying with plastic had no way to quickly leave a tip, so serving more customers did not mean higher take-home pay for the day.

3D CAD model of DipJar’s base that was manufactured at Proto Labs.

For a quick-turn production run of 500 second-generation DipJars that shipped this summer (June/July 2015), the company turned to Proto Labs, which made the tooling for and did the injection molding of three exterior parts of the device — the cap, faceplate and base — within two weeks.

Read how Proto Labs helped the team at DipJar with rapid injection molding when their other manufacturer encountered delays in our latest case study.

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