EYE ON INNOVATION: Cool G-RO Luggage Likely to Go Places

“Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the ‘Fasten Seat Belt’ sign…please make sure you’ve stowed your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.”

That’s an easy request if you’re traveling with the new G-RO carry-on luggage, which is set to reach the market next summer. Its size is compliant with TSA, FAA, airline and international travel regs.

Photo By: New York Post

But we like it because of its smart product design.

Developed by New York-based Shalgi Design Studio, this luggage is well thought out, and includes uncommon features such as patented, large, low-mass “all-terrain” wheels; a strong, ballistic nylon overall material for the case; a charging station with two USB ports to charge your laptop, tablet and smartphone simultaneously; a location tracker and proximity detector; a built-in tablet stand; and even a waterproof bottom.

Plus, at Proto Labs, we’re always interested in parts-to-product timelines. Here’s G-RO’s production schedule:

  • March-June 2015: Prototyping
  • Oct. 2015: Kickstarter launch
  • Dec. 2015: Project funded
  • Jan.-April 2016: Tooling
  • March-April 2016: Quality check
  • May-June 2016: G-Ro Manufacturing Application Programming
  • July 2016: Shipping G-ROs
  • August 2016: Delivery

Oh, and about that Kickstarter campaign mentioned in the timeline? The goal has been far surpassed. As of this week, $816,735 has been pledged. The original goal? $125,000. Looks like it’s wheels up for G-RO.

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