EYE ON INNOVATION [Halloween Edition]: Surviving Zombies; Plus, Proto Labs’ Zombies

Nothing says Halloween like zombies. As a result, on this Halloween weekend, our Eye on Innovation features a column from the SolidWorks Simulation blog with the scary yet reassuring premise and title, “How an Engineer Survives a Zombie Apocalypse.”

Originally published last year by Desktop Engineering, the blog post offers engineering advice for zombie-proofing your house. As a SolidWorks Simulation, it leads readers through a step-by-step process to board up doors and windows just in case “the undead are stumbling over the horizon” toward your house on the day your car doesn’t start.

The simulation uses bolts (nails are not available in the SolidWorks Simulation), but a failure load was set that would be equivalent to the nail pull-out force. This load was then applied to the door, because of the mass of zombies that would be pushing against the door. Theoretically, the simulation states, “there should be a limit to this load, because at some point the mass of zombies would crush the zombies at the front rather than increase the load.” Accordingly, the simulation also factored in crowd safety barriers (from information found on the Internet), and a healthy safety factor to find a “zombie crush pressure” level. Initial stress tests on the door looked mostly okay, though the door looked a bit flexible where the lock would be, so the number of planks of wood was increased.

For the full simulation, and to read the blog post, click here.

Speaking of Zombies, Proto Labs’ sales and customer service employees had a little fun this week, combining a Zombie-themed bake sale on Wednesday and a costume contest on Thursday — scary good treats with even scarier get-ups (see photos below). Headphones zombie is Aaron Windseth (left), wolf zombie is Aminn Harris (center), and cool fedora zombie is Desiree Mirovsky (right).

Happy Halloween everyone!

Eye on Innovation is a weekly look at cool technology, products and scientific advancements that we’ve mined from crowdsourcing sites and other corners of the Internet.

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