Eyeing the Future of Wearable Fitness Tracking

California-based eyewear maker VSP Global is using Proto Labs’ rapid injection molding services to accelerate the design, prototyping and testing phase of a new product, a pair of glasses that includes a health-tracking capability.

Photo: VSP Global

The glasses have a fitness tracker built in, a prototype design concept that VSP Global calls Project Genesis. A vision care company, VSP Global includes an eyewear manufacturing and design division, plus a vision insurance plan that encompasses more than 80 million members and a network of 34,000 eye doctors in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

Wearable technology is a hot trend right now, and, as VSP Global explained in a recent press release, though “some [wearables] could be considered hype, some…could be considered the start of a personalized medicine revolution.”

Adam Oranchak, a 3D engineer for VSP Global, credited Proto Labs’ automated quoting system, its design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis and quick turnaround on prototypes and parts as keys to solving his design and manufacturing challenges. “In innovation, speed is everything…Proto Labs’ turnaround on the parts was incredible.”

Oranchak says VSP Global’s initial (alpha) stage of testing and prototyping has proven the product’s concept and has prompted the company to move ahead with its next development (beta) phase before moving into full-scale production. Proto Labs continues to work with Oranchak and VSP Global on this next development phase.


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