New 3D Printing Tech Brief Available

Additive manufacturing — aka 3D printing — has an important place in product development alongside CNC machining and injection molding. At Proto Labs, customers have the option to print their products with several different plastic and metal materials through various additive technologies.
Customers can create a prototype from the most complex of geometries, and even end-use parts in some cases with our direct metal laser sintering process (DMLS). 3D printing can be used for visual aids, fit and assembly testing, jigs and fixtures, concept models and more.

Our additive manufacturing tech brief covers the pros and cons of these commonly used 3D printing technologies:

•    Binder jetting
•    Fused deposition modeling
•    Stereolithography
•    Selective laser sintering
•    PolyJet
•    Digital light processing
•    Direct metal laser sintering

Download your free tech brief on 3D printing now.

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