‘Proposed Revision’ Enhancement in ProtoQuote Makes Ordering Parts Even Easier

We hear it often: “How do I make my part moldable?” With the introduction of Proto Labs Proposed Revisions in our automated ProtoQuote® system, your part may qualify to receive our enhanced moldability analysis that automatically makes adjustments to areas like draft or wall thickness. Here’s how it works:

Proto Labs proposed revision quote

  • Upload a 3D CAD model of your part in any major file format.
  • If your part requires a simple amount of draft, a section is too thin or too thick, or other basic moldability modifications, we’ll generate an additional model for you to view directly in your ProtoQuote.
  • You can accept the new model or modify your original based on our moldability advisories.
  • If you accept our Proposed Revisions, you’re typically able to order parts right away; if you revise your original design, you can re-upload your model and we’ll send you a new quote within hours.

Our enhancement to ProtoQuote is designed to help you get better parts, faster. But keep in mind that more complex geometries and design modifications most likely won’t qualify for our automated Proposed Revisions, which is why we staff experienced Customer Service Engineers (877.479.3680) who can assist with any questions you have on how to improve your part’s moldability.

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