Proto Labs Launches New Website

Protolabs website screen captureWe’re excited to close out 2013 with the launch of our completely redesigned website. Like many of the parts we manufacture, we built with a blend of style and substance. One could say it’s a tough, stable, wear-resistant site with good optical properties that is used by many different industries. Within the makeover lies a strong visual presence yet it retains all of the reliable content we’ve always had.

The new site now houses our Firstcut CNC Machining and Protomold Injection Molding services under one digital roof with an architecture that allows you to easily find the information that you need and quickly upload your part designs. With both of our services united online, navigation has been simplified: You can log in to your My Account from one location, and can upload your 3D CAD model to get an interactive quote from virtually anywhere on the site.

Our Resources page conveniently aggregates all of our design tools into one spot. We have design guidelines to both machining and molding that cover everything from materials and size to draft and undercuts; case studies on different products from innovative companies that we’ve worked with; and a quick-reference guide to Firstcut and Protomold pricing.

Our comprehensive (new) Design Center also lives inside Resources. It’s an expansive hub of information that includes:

  • downloadable (and completely thorough) white papers on materials, prototyping, cosmetics and manufacturing.
  • free design aids like our Demo Mold, Design Cube, Protogami, Resin Puzzle and Torus.
  • tips on machining and molding, and a link to our quarterly Journal.

You’ll find video tours of our facilities, details on our Cool Idea! Award, social media links and a bunch of other good stuff throughout the site as well. You can even read about new services that are nearing launch in the Protoworks section.

And our all-new homepage serves as a jumping off point for all of it. As The Dude from “The Big Lebowski” would say, “It really ties the room together.” We hope you dig our new site. Enter

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