Red, White and Blue

The young lads on Team USA have had a solid showing in the World Cup. Taco Bell now has an amazing breakfast menu. The bald eagle is even undergoing a dramatic resurgence in the lower 48. What more could you ask out of America?!?

Red, white, and blue samples of LSR injection molding materials.

Well, raise those sparklers high in the air (like you just don’t care). Proto Labs is getting into the spirit of all things America! in the only way that a quick-turn manufacturing company filled with engineers can — by releasing new red, white and blue liquid silicone rubber color options. Obviously.

From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee, and everywhere else, customers can now get LSR parts molded in these new colors in addition to Protomold purple, black and clear. All LSR colors are available in three durometers (3003/30 A/B, 3003/50 A/B and 3003/70 A/B) as we continue expanding our material and color options. LSR parts are strong and durable, like an old pair of blue jeans, and are frequently used in the automotive and medical industries as valves and seals.

If your injection-molding preferences lean less towards thermosets like LSR, and more towards thermoplastics, your menu of color options expands further. Protomold stocks more than 100 resins and about 45 different colorants. We can also add a 3-percent salt-and-pepper mix to white resin to provide additional colors (not an exact match, however).

Basically, it’s more material options in more colors, including the old red, white and blue in LSR. In the words of Lee Greenwood: “God Bless The U.S.A.!”

Have a great Independence Day.


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