The Reviews Are In!

We recently published a comprehensive, 72-page “Digital Manufacturing for Dummies” book that covers the benefits of using additive manufacturing (3D printing), CNC machining and injection molding for custom prototyping and low-volume production.

Well, a few editors of industry publications have had a chance to read and review the book. Here’s what they’re saying:

This book would be ideal for design engineers who want to learn more about techniques they need for short run, pilot run, or even mass production. It could also help them think about critical design elements they need to consider to make a part truly producible.Read full review with video.

- James Anderton,

Recently graduated engineers will appreciate the overview of the steps every product goes through from initial design through the various prototyping stages and options. All design engineers will gain a better understanding of the basics of subtractive manufacturing (CNC and injection molding), additive manufacturing (going through all the major additive technologies), and materials for all of these options.” Read full review.

- Leslie Langnau, Design World/Make Parts Fast

If you’d like a free copy of “Digital Manufacturing for Dummies,” register for one here.

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