The Speed of Light Has Met Its Match — at Strategies in Light 2015

The Proto Labs team is ready to meet and greet folks at the trade show.

Well, a contender anyway. We are exhibiting at the Strategies in Light conference in Las Vegas this week (Feb. 24-26), one of the key LED and lighting events in North America. We are excited to meet with all of the design engineers and developers of LEDs and other lighting components.

Optical LSR parts

We are also officially introducing our quick-turn, optical liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding capabilities at the show. The new optical-grade LSR is a transparent, extremely flexible, engineering-grade thermoset often used to replace glass. It offers a host of benefits for those developing components and products for the lighting industry. It does not discolor or lose transparency with age or with exposure to heat or UV light. It is significantly lighter than glass and most other plastics and is also scratch and crack resistant.

And arguably most importantly: We can turn around optical LSR parts in 15 days or less. Read the full press release.

If you’re at Strategies in Light, be sure to stop by our booth #1023 to check out the new optical LSR parts.

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