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Mould being milled

5 Tips for Saving Time and Money on Your Mould Tool

Posted On 20 February 2019 By Saleem Shariff
With product development and manufacturing lead times constantly shortening, what can design engineers do to reduce the time and cost involved with making a mould tool?
Injection moulded living hinge

3 Tips for tackling complex features in moulding design

Posted On 05 December 2018 By Saleem Shariff
Designing for plastic injection moulding is like raising teenagers—some parts (and some teens) are more challenging than others. But by following a few simple rules, even the most difficult of these challenges can be overcome (parenting aside).
CNC mill

6 Considerations for CNC Part Design

Posted On 26 September 2018 By Saleem Shariff
We take a look at the different CNC design considerations when designing parts for milling and turning processes which can accelerate production and reduce your costs.