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CNC machining

New Big Block CNC Machined Parts in a day from Protolabs

Posted On 05 May 2020 By Matt Hatch
We’ve launched a big block rapid CNC machining service for aluminium 6082 parts. With a reliable shipping time as fast as 1 day from the initial CAD upload, we can now mill from blocks of up to 559mm x 356mm x 95mm.
Delrin part examples

Delrin Material Properties Offer Strong, Versatile Plastic Alternative to Metal

Posted On 28 January 2020 By Protolabs
Consider Delrin as an excellent plastic replacement for metal because of its strength, versatility.
Anodised Aluminium Handle Metal Part

A Tough Part – Anodised Aluminium

Posted On 20 March 2019 By Matt Hatch
If you need to protect your aluminium part from a harsh working environment or even just add a decorative finish, then anodising could well be the answer.
Painting and finishing Protolabs

Protolabs: Secondary Services

Posted On 12 February 2019 By Matt Hatch
Secondary services may be required to meet the process control, functional or cosmetic (typically branding or labelling) needs for a specific project. The necessity of these additional services are determined by that specific need.
CNC mill

6 Considerations for CNC Part Design

Posted On 26 September 2018 By Saleem Shariff
We take a look at the different CNC design considerations when designing parts for milling and turning processes which can accelerate production and reduce your costs.
New materials to lift new ideas off the ground

New materials to lift new ideas off the ground

Posted On 08 August 2018 By Stephen Dyson
The aerospace industry reduces the weight of aircraft, while keeping manufacturing costs down.
CNC Machining and 3D Printing – Friends or Foes

CNC Machining and 3D Printing – Friends or Foes?

Posted On 25 July 2018 By Damian Hennessey
3D printing and CNC machining - do they compete with or complement each other?
Hybrid technology combines 3D printing and machining

Hybrid Manufacturing Combines 3D Printing, Machining

Posted On 09 May 2018 By Protolabs
3D printing is now combined with CNC machining in a multi-tasking tool system now offered by Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies.