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Watch for Tech Blitz at Super Bowl 50

Posted On September 12, 2018 By Angelo Gentile
Super Bowl 50 offered plenty of high-tech advances.

GolfBoard Designers Take a Swing at New Approach to Golf Carts

Posted On May 25, 2017 By Angelo Gentile
GolfBoard designers take a swing at an innovative approach to golf carts.

Protolabs Salutes ‘Smart’ Companies on MIT List

Posted On May 25, 2017 By Protolabs
Protolabs salutes the 50 smartest companies as recently compiled by MIT Technology Review.

3D Printer Boldly Goes Where No Printer Has Gone Before

Posted On May 25, 2017 By Angelo Gentile
NASA successfully tested a zero-gravity 3D printer in space.

Technology Lights Up Annual Met Fashion Gala

Posted On May 25, 2017 By Angelo Gentile
Fashion and technology mixed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual gala.

Watch the Final Four in VR? A Slam Dunk, Almost.

Posted On May 25, 2017 By Angelo Gentile
NCAA Final Four games last year, for the first time ever, were live-streamed in virtual reality.

‘Smart’ Backpack Geared For Travelers, Students

Posted On April 17, 2017 By Angelo Gentile
iBackPack connects to the internet, charges your devices, tracks your location.

Vertebrae Implants More Proof of 3D Printing’s Place in Med Tech

Posted On April 4, 2017 By Angelo Gentile
3D printing continues to transform med tech industry as shown in this example.