Consumer Tech that Catches the Eye

Posted On May 5, 2017 By Matt Ahart

In our monthly Eye on Innovation series, we like to take a look at the latest trends shaping the tech industry—whether that be in consumer electronics or industrial applications. This month, we’re having some fun and highlighting a few consumer tech products hitting the market in 2017.

the new raspberry pi zero w
Building a connected device is as easy as Pi

Although not food-related, the Raspberry Pi is the go-to single board computer, or SBC, for home-cooked electronic devices. The affordable, yet versatile, computer is even used by industry engineers for prototyping. To mark the fifth anniversary of Raspberry Pi, the organization released the Pi Zero W. It’s cheaper than the standard Raspberry Pi and provides out-of-the-box Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, all within the form factor the size of a stick of gum. Despite having a somewhat limited set of features compared to the standard Raspberry Pi, the Zero W provides the essentials for those looking to create a connected device.

PRICE: $10

the level designed by fluidstance
Up your activity level at work

With nearly 86 percent of the American workforce sitting for 7.7 hours a day, it’s clear something must be done to alleviate us from the sedentary workday. And consumers are craving a solution—just look around at the flood of standing desks in the office. Fluidstance has introduced another tool to help office employees increase activity while at work. It’s called The Level. The Level is a platform you can stand on while taking a phone call or typing away at your computer. It elicits small and constant movement below your feet, improves your range of motion, and increases your heart rate. It’s a perfect complement to the standing desk.

PRICE: $489

go pro fusion 360 camera
Shoot 360 degree video on the go

This fall, GoPro will officially launch the Fusion, a new camera capable of capturing video in 360 degrees. Spherical video footage can be used in virtual reality (VR) application and give viewers an immersive experience. The company shared that the Fusion will record 360-degree video at 5.2k30. And, using a feature called OverCapture, the user can go back and select standard video from the spherical footage. This will enable the user to record footage from all angles and go back and choose the ideal framing during editing. Can’t wait to try out the Fusion? You can apply to participate in a beta program here.



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