Hit the Road with These Travel-Ready Innovators

Posted On November 7, 2018 By Protolabs
Created by Solgaard Design, the Lifepack Carry-On Closet works pretty much like the name suggests—a carry-on closet. It is designed to help you stay organized when you’re on the road.

Our hunt for innovation this month takes us to the world of travel. We’re thinking about all of those folks who will be on the road soon for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Last year, for Thanksgiving, more than 50 million people in the United States travelled 50 miles or more for the Thanksgiving holiday, according to the American Automobile Association. Year-end holiday travel was even higher. More than 107 million Americans took to planes, trains, automobiles, and other transportation modes.

Lifepack Carry-On Closet Helps Keep You Organized

This luggage works like the name suggests—a carry-on closet. The jet black polycarbonate carry-on suitcase opens to a patented, integrated, retractable shelving system, designed to help you stay organized when you’re on the road. Created by Solgaard Design, the TSA-approved suitcase is $169 on Indiegogo Marketplace.

Travel Car Seat Takes the Weight Off

Pico, an ultralight and compact travel car seat, is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, not a bulky plastic shell. Made by WAYB (rhymes with baby), it folds up small and is intended for children ages 2 to 5, or, roughly, 22 to 50 pounds. Frequent traveling moms and dads will dig its portability. The product’s recent Indiegogo campaign soared. It raised close to $300,000, 578 percent of its original $50,000 goal. Price is $299, but, unfortunately, won’t be available until February.

The Wild Hybrid espresso hand press from Handpresso lets you take your coffee break anywhere, saving you from espressos at airport kiosks, donut shops, or, horrors, gas stations!
Handpresso Lets You Take Your Coffee Break Anywhere

When you’re on the road, who knows where your next espresso will be coming from—an airport kiosk, a donut shop, or, horrors, a gas station! The folks at Handpresso have a solution—The Wild Hybrid espresso hand press. The Wild Hybrid is, as the company muses, “[our] response to camping trips, long days at the office, and bad baristas everywhere. Just add hot water and a little elbow grease for café in almost any situation.” The product pumps up like a bike pump and earns a hybrid designation because it works with either loose espresso grounds or pre-loaded pods. Price is $77.67 on Amazon.

Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack is TSA Friendly

Simply stated, a lot of backpacks are for sale out there. And quite a few of them, frankly, are expensive and probably overpriced. Kopack offers a laptop backpack, which makers assert is anti-theft in design, shockproof, TSA-friendly, water resistant, and, maybe the best part, is pretty affordable at $35.99 on Amazon.

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