Innovative Tech Designed to Help You Enjoy the Summer

Posted On July 12, 2021 By Nicole Hopper

Summer is here, and as more public spaces start to fully open and lift capacity restrictions, people are anxious to get out and about. Whether you’re looking to travel, camp, find new ways to enjoy the outdoors, or just stay home and beat the heat, we’ve got an innovative tech idea for you. Below we round up some of the best new technology unveiled just in time for summer 2021.

Shimoda’s Explore V2 pack
Shimoda’s Explore V2 pack, Photo Courtesy:

For the Outdoor Adventurer

Some of the top new products we’re excited about this summer are geared toward those wanting to get out and explore the outdoors.

Shimoda’s Explore V2 pack is an upgraded backpack designed for securely housing a  camera in even the most extreme environments. It’s an enhanced version of Shimoda’s original pack, with padded, rearrangeable internal organization; a laptop storage spot; rain cover; and microphone mount. The entire pack was designed with photography function in the field in mind. The carry-on sized bag is also designed to be travel-friendly with a hidden passport pocket, luggage-handle pass-through, and TSA lock-friendly zippers.

Another great new tool for travelers is the Nitecore NES300 outdoor power station. The powerful, compact power bank is another good companion for traveling photographers, with enough power to support all your camera equipment, as well as other camping or road trip power needs. The 311Wh station has outputs for electric, USB, vehicle lighter, and more.

Filmatic’s mobile projector
Filmatic’s mobile projector, Photo Courtesy: Filmatic

For the Outdoor Entertainer

For those looking to stay closer to home this summer, but still want to enjoy the outdoors, a couple cool new outdoor tech products dropped this summer.

Filmatic’s mobile projector is a wireless speaker, projector, and lantern all in one. This world’s smallest outdoor projector weighs just 200 grams and boasts drop- and water-resistant housing. But, don’t let its small size fool you. The projector can display 1080p 4K FHD, auto focus, DLP display up to 10 ft. wide.

Nothing ruins a movie watching experience faster than a noisy audience. If you’re using the mobile projector in your backyard or at a campsite, chances are pretty good that there’s going to be some background noise to tune out. Amazon's new second generation Echo Buds are one of the top-listed noise cancelling ear buds available right now. They offer real, active noise cancellation (as opposed to noise reduction) and great sound quality, and with a variety of ear and wing tips included to fit various ear canals, they’re comfortable to wear for hours on end.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC unit
Blast Auxiliary Portable AC unit, Photo Courtesy:

For Around the House

If recent droughts and heatwaves have you moving indoors this summer, we’ve got products on our list for you too.

One of the coolest new innovations introduced this summer is the Irrigreen smart, digital sprinkler system. The system uses smart technology to teach the sprinkler heads exactly where and when water is needed. A wireless digital controller and phone app work together to map zones of your property, and then sprinkler heads ‘print’ water on the yard in these zones, similar to the way an inkjet printer works. The result is water distributed only where it is needed, saving up to 50% on water usage and bills. The controller also tracks live weather data, so the system won’t water the lawn on rainy days and keeps landscape green during hot spells.

Rounding out our list is an economical way to beat the heat. The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC was designed by a group of air cooler engineers with a goal of making low-cost, low-maintenance AC unit suitable for any home, office, or car. It is battery-powered with a rechargeable battery and doesn’t require installation, making it great for use at home or on the go. The unit runs off a 300mL tank filled with water, and creators boast its ability to cool a medium-sized room within 20 seconds.

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