Simple Tech Products Aimed at Treating Technology Overload

Posted On September 13, 2019 By Nicole Hopper

With tech companies tripping over each other to put out the newest gadget with the biggest list of features, it’s easy to suffer from tech-overload. From specialized glasses cleaners using carbon molecular technology to a smart toilet that connects to the internet, responds to voice commands, and even tracks usage, it seems that no one’s stopped to ask "do we need an app for that?" This month we roundup four products for those wishing to simplify the technology in their life.

One Control for All Your Smart Systems

The Brilliant Smart Hub is a one-stop-shop for all your home’s controls. Regulate temperature, lighting, music, and home security all through one simple device. The minimalistic touch screen keeps things simple and user-friendly, and the device has integrated Alexa voice functionality and supports devices like Nest and Ring, eliminating the need for multiple apps and control screens. The company’s website highlights the number of products it’s compatible with, touting the hub as the solution to juggling various smart home devices and controls, bringing them all together in one easy to use control.

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A Truly Universal Remote

Another alternative to multiple home device controls is the Smart Remote U. Just point it at the device you want to control, and sensors installed in the room automatically connect to the right controls. The second generation is a step down from the original version that automatically adjusts the remote’s display depending on what it is pointed at. For $100 less than the original, you can still control things like lighting, thermostat, and television. What makes this remote unique compared to other smart home hubs like the Brilliant Smart Hub above is that it can control home entertainment systems, such as speakers and TVs, in addition to home devices.

A Duffel Bag as Simple or Complex as You Need

Tech companies have even gadget-ized the Duffle bag, a staple of travel since WWII. Peak Design offers a versatile option, suitable for those wanting to optimize or simplify the travel bag. The weatherproof nylon canvas construction includes removable padded top handles and shoulder strap and pairs with a number of optional additional packing tools, providing dozens of customization and organization options for those who want it, or a just a straightforward, durable, high-capacity duffle for those that don’t.

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Not-so-Smart Phone

For anyone looking for a drastic take on their tech detox, the low-tech Light Phone II is designed to treat your smartphone addiction. With no keyboard, internet connection, or contact list, the original Light Phone offered just one function: Making calls. The new version offers a couple more capabilities, adding in texting, Bluetooth capabilities, and an alarm. The phone is "designed to be used as little as possible," and "encourages you to spend quality time doing the things you love the most, free of distraction," which the company calls 'going light.'

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