Technology to Help You Make the Most of Your Summer

Posted On July 18, 2019 By Nicole Hopper

Whether you want to step up your fitness routine, explore the unknown, or just make your camping trip a little more comfortable, chances are there is a device for that. This month we round up a list of innovative products aimed at helping you get the most out of your summer.

Bike Smarter, and Harder

The second generation SmartHalo cycling computer comes with upgraded features including navigation, alarm system, fitness tracker, front light, and speedometer. Just in time for summer, the SmartHalo 2 launched on Kickstarter in late May, reaching 525% of its backing goal in just three days. Founders tout the simplistic display, giving cyclists everything they need to know at a glance and allowing them to focus on the ride and not the device. Unfortunately, the smart biking device is still in the prototyping phase and not set to ship until this winter.

Roam the Unknown without Getting Lost

Overlanding, or driving somewhere in a kitted-out SUV, usually off-road on rough terrain, is becoming a popular summer pastime for the bold. The Garmin Overlander GPS enables brave drivers to explore further in a way that is accessible and safe. The device, dubbed “the Chuck Norris of GSP devices” by topspeed, allows users to download and store maps; includes time, distance, speed, and elevation trackers; displays pitch and roll gauges; and even includes barometer, altimeter, and compass. The already pricey device can also be paired with the Garmin inReach Mini satellite communicator for an additional $350 to allow users to send and receive text messages and an SOS distress signal.


The newly designed SmartHalo device, reached 527% of its fundraising goal in the first three days of its Kickstarter campaign

Integrated pitch and roll gauges on the new Garmin Overlander GPS help drivers navigate their vehicle in difficult terrain.

With the touch of a remote, seven LED panels rise out of the ground and unfold in 40 seconds to create the seamless widescreen TV display.


Don’t Sit Inside All Day Watching TV

For the less adventurous, C SEED’s 4k UHD TV provides a more relaxing form of outdoor entertainment. At 301 in. (or just over 25 ft.), the seven-panel monitor is the world’s largest outdoor TV. The TV includes a built-in 2,700-watt sound system and 48-bit color depth supporting 281 trillion colors. Matching the size and scale of the system is the $1.5 million price tag.

Bring the Comforts of Home on the Road

Rounding out our list is another “world’s first”—the world’s first battery-powered air conditioner. The small device cools a tent or RV in 10 minutes with a five-hour run time. Unlike a fan, the Zero Breeze Mark II is equipped with a compressor and dual hose system, allowing it to cool any space by as much as 30 degrees F. Whoever said camping needed to mean roughing it?

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