Injection Molding Materials

Proper material selection is critical in prototyping and low-volume part production. You should consider the mechanical properties, moldability characteristics and cost of the material.

If you choose to supply your own resin for injection molding, please complete this form, which requires you to upload the resin’s MSDS and process data sheet documents. A representative from Proto Labs will contact you with shipping information and a material ID number once your information has been processed.

For additional information on the material strength, resistance, dimensional stability and other characteristics of Proto Labs’ frequently used thermoplastics, download our Resin Guide PDF.
Stocked Resins
Customer-Supplied Resins
Generally, any conventionally injection-moldable material can be specified. If the material is relatively standard, and we don't have it in stock, there may be an extra charge for us to procure a minimum quantity. Delivery could also be affected if the material is not readily available from the resin distributors. We are happy to work with specific resins that you already use and would like to supply to us.
Material Material Type Cost
ABS, Black (Cycolac MG47-BK4500) Resin Medium
ABS, Black (Lustran 433-904000) Resin Low
ABS, Black (Polylac PA-765) Resin Low
ABS, Black (Polylac PA-746) Resin Low
ABS, Light Grey (Platable) (Lustran PG 298-703693) Resin Medium
ABS, Natural (Lustran 433-000000) Resin Low
ABS, Natural (Polylac PA-765 (Natural)) Resin Low
ABS, Sno White (Lustran 348-012002) Resin Medium
ABS, Black 30% Glass Fiber (RTP 600 605) Resin High
ABS/PC, Black (Bayblend FR 110-901510) Resin Medium
ABS/PC, Black (Cycoloy C2950-701) Resin Medium
ABS/PC, Black (Bayblend FR3010-901510) Resin Medium
ABS/PC, Black (Bayblend T85 XF-901510) Resin Medium
ABS/PC, Natural (Bayblend T65 XF-000000) Resin Medium
ABS/PC, Natural (Bayblend T85 XF-000000) Resin Medium
ABS/PC, Natural (Bayblend FR 110-000000) Resin Medium
ABS/PC, Natural (Cycoloy C2950-111) Resin Medium
ABS/PC, Natural (Cycoloy C6600-111) Resin Medium
Acetal, Black 10% Glass Bead (RTP 800 800 GB 10) Resin Very High
Acetal, Black 20% Glass Bead (RTP 800 800 GB 20) Resin Medium
Acetal Copolymer, Black (Celcon M90 CD3068) Resin Low
Acetal Copolymer, Natural (Celcon M90 CF2001) Resin Low
Acetal Homopolymer, Black (Delrin 500P BK602) Resin Low
Acetal Homopolymer, Natural (Delrin 500P NC010) Resin Low
Acrylic (PMMA), Clear (Plexiglas V052-100) Resin Medium
ETPU, Natural (Isoplast 202EZ) Resin High
HDPE, Natural (Unipol DMDA 8007) Resin Low
HDPE, Natural (Marlex 9006 HID) Resin Low
LCP, Black 30% Glass Fiber (Vectra E130ID-2 VD3005 Black A1) Resin Very High
LDPE, Natural (Dow LDPE 722) Resin Medium
LLDPE, Natural (Dowlex 2517) Resin Medium
Nylon 6, Natural 15% Glass Fiber (Zytel 73G15L NC010) Resin High
Nylon 6/12, Black 33% Glass Fiber (Zytel 77G33L BK031) Resin High
Nylon 66, Black (RTP 200 200 UV) Resin High
Nylon 66, Black (Zytel 101L BKB009) Resin Medium
Nylon 66, Black (Hylon Select N1000EHL) Resin Low
Nylon 66, Natural (Zytel 103 HSL NC010) Resin High
Nylon 66, Black 13% Glass Fiber (Zytel 70G13 HS1L BK031) Resin Medium
Nylon 66, Black 13% Glass Fiber (Hylon Select N1013HL) Resin Medium
Nylon 66, Natural 13% Glass Fiber (Zytel 70G13 HS1L NC010) Resin High
Nylon 66, Black 14% Glass Fiber (Zytel 8018 HS BKB085) Resin High
Nylon 66, Natural 14% Glass Fiber (Zytel 80G14AHS NC010) Resin High
Nylon 66, Black 20% Glass Fiber (RTP 200 203 FR) Resin High
Nylon 66, Black 33% Glass Fiber (Zytel 70G33 HS1L BK031) Resin Medium
Nylon 66, Black 33% Glass Fiber (Vydyne R533H BK02) Resin Low
Nylon 66, Black 33% Glass Fiber (Hylon Select N1033HL) Resin Low
Nylon 66, Natural 33% Glass Fiber (Zytel 70G33 HSIL NC010) Resin High
Nylon 66, Black 40% Mineral Reinforced (Minlon 10B40 BK061) Resin Medium
Nylon 66, Black Impact Modifier, Rubber (Zytel ST-801 BK010) Resin Medium
Nylon 66, Natural Impact Modifier, Rubber (Zytel ST-801 NC010) Resin Medium
PBT, Black (Valox 357-BK1066) Resin High
PBT, Black (Crastin S600F20 BK851 (same as S610)) Resin High
PBT, Natural (Valox 357-1001) Resin High
PBT, Black 30% Glass Fiber (Valox 420SEO-BK1066) Resin High
PBT, Natural 30% Glass Fiber (Valox 420 SEO 1001 Nat) Resin High
PC, Black (Makrolon 2405-901510) Resin Medium
PC, Black (Lexan 940-701) Resin Medium
PC, Black (Hylex P1025L) Resin Low
PC, Blue Tint (Makrolon RX2530-451118) Resin Medium
PC, Clear (Makrolon 2407-550115) Resin Low
PC, Clear (Lexan HP1-1H112) Resin High
PC, Clear (Makrolon 2458-550115) Resin Low
PC, Clear (Lexan HP1-112) Resin High
PC, Smoke (RTP 300 399X71833 S-94450) Resin Very High
PC, Natural 10% Glass Fiber (RTP 300 301) Resin High
PC, Natural 20% Glass Fiber (Lexan 3412R-131) Resin High
PC/PBT, Black (Xenoy 6620-BK1066) Resin Very High
PET, Black 30% Glass Fiber (Rynite 530-BK503) Resin Medium
PET, Black 35% Glass Mica Low Warp (Rynite 935 BK505) Resin Medium
PETG, Clear (Eastar 6763) Resin Medium
PP, Natural (RTP Anti-static Permastat 100) Resin High
PP Homopolymer, Black (Maxxam FR PP 301BLK1284-11S) Resin High
PP Homopolymer, Natural (Profax 6323) Resin Medium
PP Homopolymer, Natural (Profax 6523) Resin Low
PP Homopolymer, Natural (Profax PD702) Resin Low
PP Impact Copolymer, Natural (Profax SG-702) Resin Low
PP Random Copolymer, Natural (FHR PP P5M6K-048) Resin Low
PPA, Natural 35% Glass Fiber (Zytel HTN 51G35HSL NC010) Resin High
PPE/PS, Black (Noryl 731-701) Resin Medium
PPS, Black 40% Glass Fiber (Ryton R-4-02) Resin High
PPS, Natural 40% Glass Fiber (Ryton R-4) Resin Very High
PS (GPPS), Clear (Styron 666D) Resin Medium
PS (HIPS), Natural (Styron 498) Resin Low
PSU, Natural (Udel P-3703 NT 11) Resin Very High
SB, Clear (K-Resin KR01K CPC BDS CL) Resin Low
TPE, Black (Santoprene 111-45) Resin Medium
TPE, Black (Santoprene 101-64) Resin Medium
TPE, Natural (Santoprene 211-45) Resin Medium
TPE, Natural (Santoprene 251-70W232 70A Durometer) Resin High
TPE, Natural (Santoprene 201-64) Resin Medium
TPU-Polyester, Natural (Texin 245) Resin Medium
TPU-Polyether, Natural (Texin 983-000000) Resin Medium
TPV, Black (Santoprene 101-87) Resin Medium
TPV, Black (Santoprene 101-55) Resin Medium
TPV, Black (Santoprene 111-35) Resin High
TPV, Black (Santoprene 101-73) Resin Medium
TPV, Natural (Santoprene 201-87) Resin Medium
PEEK, Natural (Victrex 450G) High-Temp Resin Very High
PEEK, Natural 30% Glass Fiber (Vestakeep 4000 GF30) High-Temp Resin Very High
PEI, Black (RTP 2100 2100 LF Black) High-Temp Resin Very High
Magnesium, Grey (Magnesium AZ-91) Thixo Medium
MIM Hardenable Nickel Steel (Catamold FN0205) MIM Very High
MIM Nickel Steel (Catamold FN02 MIM Case Hardening Nickel Steel) MIM Very High
MIM Stainless Steel (Catamold 17-4 PH K) MIM Very High
MIM Steel Alloy (Catamold 42CrMo4) MIM Very High
Silicone, Clear (Elastosil 3003/50 A/B) LSR High
Silicone, Clear (Elastosil 3003/30 A/B) LSR High
Silicone, Clear (Elastosil 3003/70 A/B) LSR High
Silicone, Optically Clear (Dow Corning MS-1002) LSR Very High
Silicone, Water Clear (Dow Corning QP1-250) LSR High
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