Additive Manufacturing

Fineline Additive Manufacturing specializes in the rapid prototyping of three-dimensional objects. Within Fineline, we offer three high-tech processes: stereolithography (SL), selective laser sintering (SLS) and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS). Whether small parts with precise geometries or large, highly detailed patterns are needed, our additive processes provide product developers another quick-turn option during early prototyping.
1 to 50+ parts
Shipped in 1 to 7 days
Parts start at $95


Stereolithography part sample
SL provides the widest selection of materials, best feature resolution and smoothest surface finish of our additive processes. It works well for very small parts and complex geometries during early prototyping.

Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering part sample
SLS can make parts with complex geometries and it uses a Nylon-based resin similar to actual engineering thermoplastics, so parts exhibit greater toughness.

Direct Metal
Laser Sintering

Direct Metal Laser Sintering part sample
In DMLS, part components are built layer by layer, so it is possible to design internal features and passages that could not be cast or otherwise machined.
Why Additive Manufacturing?
Fineline has numerous material options that are constantly updated to meet prototyping and master fabrication needs. Depending on your part’s application, you can choose from many different material characteristics: resolution, color and clarity, stiffness and feel, durability, impact resistance, temperature tolerance, and water resistance.
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  • ABS-like
  • Polycarbonate-like
  • Polypropylene-like
  • SLArmor (nickel-plated)

Selective Laser Sintering

  • Nylon

Direct Metal Laser Sintering

  • Aluminum
  • Cobalt Chrome
  • Inconel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium

Concept Models

In the very early stages of prototyping, a concept model built in SL, SLS or DMLS can offer designers and engineers an immediate and accurate singular look at how their 3D CAD will look in physical form. From there, a design can advance into iterative development as it moves towards production.
Fineline concept model

Form + Fit Testing

Another valuable function that our additive processes provide is the form and fit testing of parts during prototyping. Fineline houses a number of plastic-like materials that yield quality prototypes with tight tolerances acceptable for testing product assembly. Additionally, our DMLS process uses engineering-grade metals that even allow for functional part testing.
Fineline form fit testing prototype

Complex Geometries

Additive manufacturing builds parts in fine, precise layers from the bottom up — a process that inherently creates unique design options that are not possible with machined parts. Internal holes and channels within parts that end mills can’t reach and multi-part assemblies built as a single part are a few examples.
Fineline complex geometries prototype
Fineline product process
Proto Labs manufacturing processes can take your product from idea to market launch fast. During the early stages of product development, additive manufacturing is frequently used for rapid production of a concept model or small batch of quality prototypes.
Automated Interactive Quotes
When you have a 3D CAD model ready, upload it to receive an interactive quote with pricing information in a matter of hours.
“Any time I need the best quality parts with the proper fit, I use Fineline. Nobody else can touch their work when it comes to making parts such as ours.”
— John Wasko, Motorola, Inc.
A properly equipped tool belt of resources can prove invaluable no matter what stage of production you’re in. Our website contains a library of helpful content and free design aids.
Fineline process overview