Supporting our customers under the new UK/EU trade agreement

As the world-leading digital manufacturer we always strive to give you – our customers – the best possible service. This includes our preparation in response to Brexit and the evolved relationship between the UK and the EU.

With the new trade agreement now confirmed, we can detail some of the measures we’ve taken in order to minimise its impact and help ensure your experience with us remains efficient.

One of these measures significantly reduces the administrative burden brought about by the end of the Brexit transition period. We have created local legal entities across Europe with which you can contract. Ordering and other administrative tasks will be conducted with your local legal entity so that efficiencies are maintained in your interaction with us.

List of local legal entities and their corresponding countries that they serve:

Customers in France:

Proto Labs 
Parc Ouragan Bâtiment C
Rue du Lac Majeur – BP 331
73377 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex

TVA : FR14799556774

Customers in Italy:

Proto Labs 
Via Biandrate, 24
28100 Novara

P.IVA 0245040037

Customers in Sweden:

Proto Labs 
Sickla industrivag 3,
131 54 Nacka

VAT: SE516411343201

All other EU customers:

Proto Labs Germany GmbH
Kapellenstraße 10
85622 Feldkirchen

TVA : DE305062987

Customers in the UK and Germany can continue to contract with their previous Proto Labs legal entities.

In addition to this, we’ve taken measures to help reduce the time it takes to get your parts through the ports. We’ve established new logistics contracts that include the certification required for exporting between the UK and the EU. This certification will give us the recognition needed to clear goods quicker following the Brexit transition period. All this minimises delivery issues and helps get your products in hand faster than by any other means.

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