Protolabs offers a wide variety of custom colours with the addition of a colourants (masterbatch). Please contact your Sales Representative with your RAL or Pantone reference for further information and a quote.

  • Protolabs is not able to do exact colour matching. Added colourants are approximate. Customers are responsible for verifying actual parts meet their colour requirements.
  • These additives come in pellet form and are mixed with the resin you choose if it is compatible. Final resin colour depends on many factors including shades of the "natural" coloured resin, and there will be some amount of swirling where the colourant is not completely mixed. Colours will be reasonably consistent from order to order, but there may be some variation.
  • If you need accurate colour matching and consistent colour throughout the part, there are compounders including Albis and Plastribution. They can blend coloured resins to your requirement and deliver it to us. They offer expedited service.