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PolyJet & 3D Printed Silicone 60-65%

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PolyJet is an industrial 3D printing process that builds multi-material prototypes with flexible features and complex parts with intricate geometries in as fast as 1 day. A range of hardnesses (durometers) are available, which work well for components with elastomeric features like gaskets, seals, and housings.

Common applications for PolyJet 3D printing:

  • prototyping designs for overmolding or silicone rubber parts
  • combining two colors or durometers into a single part
  • simulating elastomers or flexible parts

PolyJet Design Guidelines & Capabilities   

Materials available for polyjet 3d printed parts

PolyJet Material Options

PolyJet provides the ability to choose a desired hardness or combine material properties into a single build, which makes it ideal for prototyping overmolding parts. Shore A hardnesses of 30A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 70A, 85A, 95A, and rigid are available in these colors:

  • Digital Clear/Translucent
  • Digital Black
  • Digital White (please note white colour gradually becomes more translucent the lower the Shore A hardness)
  • Digtal Overmould
  • 3D Printed Silicome (60-65%)

Compare PolyJet Material Properties

Material Tensile Tear Strength Tensile Strength Elongation
30A 5-7 kg/cm 2.4-3.1 MPa 220-270%
40A 6-8 kg/cm 3-4 MPa 190-210%
50A 7-9 kg/cm 3-4 MPa 170-219%
60A 7-10 kg/cm 3.5-4.5 MPa 150-170%
70A 12-14 kg/cm 4-6 MPa 120-140%
85A 22-26 kg/cm 6-10 MPa 70-90%
95A 26-30 kg/cm 10-14 MPa 50-70%
Rigid n/a 50-65 MPa 10-25%
3D Printed Silicone 35A 3.1 kg/cm 0.5-0.8 MPa 160%
3D Printed Silicone 65A 9kg/cm 2.0-2.5 MPa 160%


About PolyJet


Polyjet: What is it used for?

Polyjet is an advanced 3D printing process that allows us to simulate elastomers and flexible parts and create prototyping designs for overmoulding and liquid silicone rubber moulding.

We can combine two-tone colours and multiple materials into a single part and manufacture the most complex part geometries.

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