Design Aids

Learn about the design elements, materials, and surface finishes of injection-moulded parts by registering for our free design aids.

Design Cube

Injection Moulding Design Cube

Our Design Cube demonstrates part features that are too thin or too thick, bad bosses, right and wrong ribs and other considerations to be mindful of while designing prototypes for injection moulding.

IM Material Selector

Injection Moulding Material Selector

Our pocket-sized Material Selector is a useful reference guide to help you choose the right material for your project. It details some of the key technical property variations so that you can quickly make an informed decision. 

Injection Moulding For Dummies

Injection Moulding for Dummies

Read about the various techniques used to achieve well-designed injection-moulded parts accompanied by detailed illustrations that can bring clarity to a sometimes complicated process.

3dp Material Selector
3DP Material Selector

Our 3DP Material Selector lists specific measurements like resolution, tensile strength and hardness to ensure you have the most suitable material and additive manufacturing process for your part’s application.

CNC material selector
CNC Material Selector

Our CNC Material Selector lists specific measurements like heat deflection, tensile strength and hardness to identify the most suitable material for your part’s application, along with its suitability for milling and turning. 

Design Essentials for Injection Moulding

 Learn about injection moulding materials, surface finish options, incorporating draft, avoiding sink and more. It's a valuable resource that can potentially save you development time and production cost.

Design Essentials: Design to Prototype

Learn more about our Design for Manufacturability software, CAD files, application engineers, prototyping processes and selecting your material. It’s a valuable resource that can support you through the early design process.

CNC Cube


Design for Speed

Following these design guidelines will result in an optimal and economical manufacturing time.


Design for Function

These features show off capabilities, but take longer to machine.

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