Finishing Options for CNC Machined Parts

Choose from a selection of finishing options for CNC Machining that strengthen parts, improve cosmetic appearance, provide customisation, and other benefits.

post processing finishes on a cnc machined part

Post-Processing for CNC Parts

Depending on your application and requirements, you can choose from the following services when requesting a CNC quote:

  • Anodising
  • Chromate Conversion
  • Part Making
  • Basic Assembly
  • Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports on CNC Machined Parts
Inspection Reports

We offer three types of dimensional inspection reports to support your critical dimension verification and quality documentation requirements such as FAIs.

Anodised part from CNC process

Anodising of aluminium parts to ISO 7599 and ISO 10074, ROHS compliant and available in clear, black or colour (limited)

Chromate Conversion
Chromate Conversion

Chromate conversion of aluminium parts including Surtec 650 

Basic Assembly of manufactured parts
Basic Assembly

Insertion of dowel pins, threaded inserts and key inserts.

Part Marking
Part Marking

Parts can be laser marked with logo, part reference or serialisation.

Free mouldability analysis within hours

Free mouldability analysis within hours

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