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From strategic partnerships with the world's most innovative organisations to new career opportunities, learn how we're leading the digital manufacturing revolution.

Founded in 1999 by entrepreneur Larry Lukis, our company radically reduced the time needed to produce injection-moulded plastic prototypes. Lukis developed complex software that automated the manufacturing process by connecting mills and presses in a network. As a result, plastic and metal parts could be made much faster than ever before.

Over the next decade, we expanded our capabilities in injection moulding, introduced quick-turn CNC machining, and opened facilities globally.

In 2014, we launched 3D printing services to simplify the transition from early prototyping to low-volume production.

In 2021, Protolabs added a global manufacturing network powered by Hubs, which was rebranded as Protolabs Network in 2024.

Our 25 years of growth and expanding capabilities provide customers with the best digital manufacturing experience in the industry. This continued evolution shapes our vision and mission as a company.


Accelerating innovation by revolutionising manufacturing.



We empower companies to bring new ideas to market by offering the fastest and most comprehensive digital manufacturing service in the world.


Protolabs are all about innovation. As digital manufacturers, we use advanced technologies to produce parts quickly and efficiently. We constantly challenge and improve our existing offerings, seeking unmet needs and developing products or services to meet those needs.

We are proud to help companies from many industries reduce development time, lower production costs and get to market faster using the most innovative technologies, strategies and materials. Working in an array of industries means Protolabs are exposed to the latest innovations from all corners of the manufacturing industry, allowing us to collaborate and share best practices across multiple disciplines.


Our Injection Moulding and CNC Machining Facility


Want a peek behind the curtain of our injection moulding process? Take a virtual tour. We offer a fully digitised injection moulding process to bring you cost-efficient parts fast. From design upload to quoting, part production to shipping, it’s injection moulding tailored to fit your needs, every step of the way.


Our 3D Printing Facility


Our 3D printing Centre of Excellence in Putzbrunn means that we can take your part from design, through production and then finish it all under one roof. Whether you need sub assembly, surface treatment, finishing or quality measurement and reporting we can deliver what you need quickly.

Protolabs Network by Hubs

Global Network of Manufacturing Partners

Protolabs Network includes more than 250 highly vetted manufacturing partners around the world. The result is a wider envelope of advanced capabilities, improved cost-efficiencies, and higher part quantities—all at your fingertips.

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