10 Reasons to Attend the Protolabs Sustainability Training Hackathon

Posted On 25/03/2021 By Protolabs

10 Reasons to Attend the Protolabs Sustainability Training Hackathon

Manufacturers are increasingly realising the true value of sustainability and ‘going green’, with many practical short- and long-term financial benefits.

In addition to this the requirements of legislation are ramping up with governments in the UK, the EU and around the world already acting on their sustainability ambitions. Governments will lean heavily on manufacturers so there’s an inevitability to substantial legislative change, but the advantages and opportunities will lie with those who move quickly.

The following list breaks down 10 reasons for product designers to attend the Protolabs Sustainability Training Hackathon. They are 10 reasons to lead the way in response to future sustainability requirements through product development and to seize the opportunities that it will come.

  1. Equip yourself with the necessary tools and methods to meet future sustainability requirements

Learn about Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) and other important tools and methods to achieve optimum sustainability in product development.

  1. Help reduce manufacturing energy costs to improve profitability for your business

Energy costs are one of the prime concerns for manufacturers. So learning how product development can assist efforts to reduce these costs is vital.

  1. Learn about evolving legislation around sustainability from a product design perspective

Understand current and future commitments in terms of sustainability from a product design perspective. Know what you must do before the competition does!

  1. Learn from experts in the field of sustainability in engineering and product design

Engage with a number of experts and thought leaders from across Europe in the field of sustainability in engineering. Gain their insight and ask direct questions.

  1. Help attract new customers and increase sales

Learning how to design with sustainability in mind will help attract new customers and increase sales.

  1. Help achieve business sustainability goals to receive tax incentives

There are growing tax credits, rebates and schemes available for manufacturers who proactively implement sustainability measures in their product development.

  1. Help foster a culture of continuous improvement at work

Learning about sustainability can ignite innovation! A positive impact on the business and on the environment fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

  1. Help your business get ahead of the competition with sustainability commitments

The accelerated evolution of legislation is inevitable. Learning about it is a fast growing requirement but the opportunities are there for those who move now.

  1. Learn the latest on materials and other technologies in relation to sustainability

Know how to navigate you way around ‘green’ materials and manufacturing technologies and understand how future developments will support product design.

  1. Augment your employability as sustainability increasingly edges into product design

Gaining knowledge in sustainability is an increasingly vital quality for product designers. All the training here is CPD accredited to mirror your new abilities.

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