PTFE CNC Machining

PTFE, or Teflon, offers excellent chemical resistance and unmatched coefficient of friction

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PTFE is a crystalline polymer with chemical resistance and a coefficient of friction lower than nearly any other materials. The dialectric constant of PTFE and its loss factor are low and stable across a wide temperature and frequency range.

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PTFE Material Properties

  Tensile Strength Flexural Modulus Tensile Elongation Coefficient of Friction Melting Point Upper Service Temperature 
Test Method ASTM D 4894 ASTM D 790 ASTM D 4 894 - - -
Tecaflon PTFE 22 MPa 350 to 650 N/mm² 220% 0.08 320 to 330°C 260°C

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Uses for CNC Machining PTFE

PTFE parts exhibit low coefficient of friction and chemical resistance. It's often used for industrial and electrical applications.

  • Bearings and bushings
  • Electrical housings
  • Hinges
  • Food processing equipment
  • Lab instrumentation