Protolabs Q&A: 3D Printing

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In this episode we answer your questions on 3D Printing with Tasos Pantelis, an Application Engineer at Protolabs and our 3D Champion for Europe. See below for a list of questions answered in this session:
  • Are Protolabs able to give guidance on fatigue properties of metal materials?
  • Do you need to perform any post-build operations in order to make the walls gas tight?
  • Do you use any form of in-situ inspection to monitor build property during the build or only inspect after this is completed?
  • Does morphology of the metal powder effect the build?
  • How do you comprise between part strength and internal stresses?
  • How well does DMLS deal with print in place parts?
  • What systems are used to check density control between parts printed in the same batch?
  • Why do overhangs not print on DMLS?
  • Does Protolabs offer materials with flammability approvals?
  • Is stress relieving a standard part of the process or must you explicitly request it?
  • How does build orientation get decided?
  • How is Protolabs set up to cope with the high demand of COVID19 parts?