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Space Inventor

Space Inventors' Utilisation of Protolabs Machined Parts with Low Lead Times

At A Glance

zermattview challenge Challenge

Space Inventor required a reliable partner capable of delivering rapid prototyping services to meet strict project deadlines. Given the complex nature of satellite components and the diverse material requirements, Space Inventor needed a partner with expertise in machining high-quality parts in aluminium, PEEK, and POM.

zermattview solutionSolution

Protolabs emerged as the ideal partner for Space Inventor, providing rapid CNC machined parts in aluminium, PEEK, and POM, utilising both 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining technology.

zermattview outcomeOutcome

Produced critical components for structural elements and complex brackets for various satellites.




Space Inventors' OQ Satellite

State-of-the-art satellites

Space Inventor, renowned for its innovative contributions to the aerospace industry, is on a mission to design and develop cutting-edge satellite systems and components to address critical challenges in space exploration.

A pioneering satellite technology company specialising in advanced satellite systems, Space Inventor sought a partner who could produce CNC machined parts, specifically fabricated from aluminium, PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), and POM (Polyoxymethylene) for their satellites, including Sternula, Bifrost, OQ, and various research and development (R&D) projects. With the need to reduce lead times to meet strict project deadlines whilst maintaining part quality, Space Inventor turned to Protolabs.

The collaboration extended across various projects, including critical components for structural elements and complex brackets. Protolabs manufactured antenna mounts and specialised parts for the Bifrost satellite, while for the OQ satellite, they fabricated intricate experimental payload housings and mounting brackets for orbital experiments. In the realm of research and development, Protolabs supplied rapid prototypes and machined parts, significantly accelerating the design process for Space Inventor.


Drastically reduced lead times and material advice

The results of the collaboration were substantial, including consistently short lead times, material expertise covering a wide range of materials, intricate geometries achieved through 5-axis CNC machining, cost-efficiency by eliminating in-house machining, and successful project execution with the launch and deployment of Sternula, Bifrost, OQ, and other R&D projects.



“ Protolabs' ability to provide rapid, precise, and material-specific machining services significantly contributed to Space Inventors' capability to develop satellite systems and advance aerospace technology. The ongoing collaboration continues to foster innovation and success in the space exploration sector.”

Michael Maciejczuk, Marketing Manager, Space Inventor A/S

The cooperation between Space Inventor and Protolabs is a testament to a successful partnership in the aerospace industry.