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Safkan product

We love inventors – and inventions – here at Protolabs

Posted On 18 March 2019 By Matt Hatch
Every year, more than 12 million people visit their physicians for impacted earwax removal. Now, this new ear-care medical device has been developed, with help from Protolabs’ Cool Idea Award, which can clean a patient’s ear in just 35 seconds, bringing a much-needed—and fast—solution.
Protolabs casestudy | Sumatran Rhino

Digitising the Sumatran Rhino

Posted On 27 December 2018 By Laura Reeves
With new advances in 3D imaging and printing technologies, Yxlon were able to replicate a rare species of rhino... With a bit of help from Protolabs' 3D printing service.
Japet exoskeleton

Innovative medical device combats lumbar pain

Posted On 28 November 2018 By Laura Reeves
Japet Medical Devices is a French start-up specialising in medical robotics, created in 2016 by Antoine Noël and Damien Bratic who had both recently qualified from Centrale Lille University. The company, based in Lille’s Eurasanté park, is preparing to launch Atlas, the first functional rehabilitation exoskeleton designed to relieve lumbar pain.

Tired of tangled cables? Problem solved...

Posted On 17 October 2018 By Laura Reeves
Vladislav Svetashkov grew tired of the constant tangling of cables marring the fun of using high quality tech products. The wild cables just didn’t quite fit with what are otherwise very stylish components.
Protolabs' 3D Printed FUTURO House

The Futuro House... in Space

Posted On 10 August 2018 By Laura Reeves
Protolabs send a 3D Printed replcia of Matti Suuronen's Futuro house into the stratosphere