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Debunking Molding Myths: 7 Facts About Tooling at Proto Labs

The most common misconceptions regarding our injection molding service and shed light on our low-volume production capabilities.
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Design Validation with SOLIDWORKS: Injection Molding

Posted On September 20, 2017 By Mark Rushton
Explore several tools within SOLIDWORKS that can help you analyze the manufacturability of your injection molding design.
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How to Use Model-Based Definition (MBD) in SOLIDWORKS to Accelerate Digital Manufacturing

Posted On September 11, 2017 By Oboe Wu
Model-Based Definition can help reduce counterintuitive and ambiguous interpretations in 2D drawings while accelerating production time and quality inspections.
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What is Product Manufacturing Information (PMI)?

Posted On September 11, 2017 By Proto Labs
Product manufacturing information, or PMI, is critical to digital inspection reporting. PMI is any non-geometric data included within a 3D CAD file.
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More Drones Take Flight to Help in Hurricane Recovery, Relief Efforts

Posted On September 8, 2017 By Proto Labs
More drones are taking flight to help in hurricane recovery and relief efforts in Texas and Florida.
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Game-changing Tech Shows Innovation's Influence

Posted On September 1, 2017 By Angelo Gentile
Our Eye on Innovation column this month features a diverse roundup of notable game-changing trends, products, and technology.
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SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Challenges Students to Design a High-Speed Pod

Posted On August 24, 2017 By Proto Labs
SpaceX Hyperloop competition brings together engineering students from around the world with one goal in mind: to design and create a high-speed pod.
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4 Medtech Trends Show Value of Innovation

Posted On August 14, 2017 By Proto Labs
Medtech companies will continue to rely on rapid manufacturing to help bring innovative new products and services to market.
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Comparing Multi Jet Fusion to Selective Laser Sintering

Posted On August 8, 2017 By Tony Holtz
A look at the key differences between Multi Jet Fusion and selective laser sintering and how to determine the optimal process for your application.
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5 Travel Tech Items to Take on Vacation

Posted On August 4, 2017 By Angelo Gentile
August is vacation time, so our Eye on Innovation column this month looks at five travel tech items to take along on your trip.
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Living Hinge Basics for Injection Molding

Posted On July 24, 2017 By Tony Holtz
These design guidelines will help you create durable living hinges that add functionality to your injection-molded parts and reduce manufacturing costs.
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