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Electrical Discharge Machining: How EDM Improves Your Mold

Learn how electrical discharge machining is used to fabricate injection molding tools with sharp features that cannot be machined with CNC milling.
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Ask An Engineer: Sheet Metal Basics, Complex Molding Design

Posted On May 15, 2018 By Protolabs
This installment of our Ask an Engineer series covers the fundamentals of sheet metal fabrication and complex injection molding techniques.
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What is ITAR and its Role in Manufacturing?

Posted On May 14, 2018 By Protolabs
ITAR compliance is necessary for any manufacturer producing parts for the U.S. military or any of its thousands of subcontractors.
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NPE Highlights 3D Printing Innovation, Draws Record Attendance

Posted On May 10, 2018 By Protolabs
NPE, the world’s largest plastics trade show, featured 3D printing innovations, and drew record attendance to weeklong event in Orlando.
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Why On-Demand Manufacturing Works like Amazon Prime for Medtech Companies

Posted On May 7, 2018 By Annie Cashman
Digital, on-demand manufacturing can help Medtech companies in need of quick-turn prototyping or production, much like consumers use Amazon Prime
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Visual Search App Correctly Identifies Objects in the Blink of an Eye

Posted On May 7, 2018 By Nicole Hopper
A high school entrepreneur developed a visual identification app that recognizes and provides useful information on objects it scans within seconds.
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Design Better Screw Bosses on Molded Parts

Posted On April 26, 2018 By Protolabs
Several considerations for designing plastic screw bosses on molded parts that are mechanically strong and free of cosmetic defects.
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How Digital Manufacturing Accelerates Time to Market and Improves Efficiencies

Posted On April 25, 2018 By Rob Bodor
Digital manufacturing can help companies accelerate their products’ time to market and improve supply chain efficiencies.
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Remove Before Flight: How Aerospace Companies Mitigate Risk

Posted On April 16, 2018 By Brandon Marcus
Aerospace firms ensure safety, mitigate risk by considering materials, validating and testing, and choosing the right manufacturing contract supplier.
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10 Ways Digital Manufacturing Can Improve Your Supply Chain

Posted On April 12, 2018 By Kevin Ashton
How do you find the right digital manufacturing company? From cost and quality to equipment and capacity, here are 10 areas to assess in a supplier.
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Less is More for Stanford Students Developing Liquid Rocket Engine

Posted On April 10, 2018 By Matt Ahart
The long-term goal of Project Helios is to demonstrate a viable design alternative for a project undertaken by NASA, the Mars Sample Return Mission.
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