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Take a close look at our digital quoting and manufacturing analysis platforms to find out how to leverage our capabilities and maximize speed and quality.

Pricing and Payment Options

Interested in learning about pricing? While Protolabs has a standard pricing structure, cost varies for each service line and on individual projects based on a few key factors.

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Lead Times

Protolabs offers standard lead times for specific services. View lead times associated with each service line to help plan your project timeline.

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Quoting Platform

Our advanced quoting platform does more than just offer up a price. It presents you with an array of choices—material options, shipping speed and more—to ensure that your parts arrive when you need them and at a reasonable price point.

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Basic Design Guidelines

Sometimes you need quick confirmation of your designs, and the best advice is to go back to basics. Get quick, upfront information about tolerances, min. and max. part sizes, and additional considerations here.

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Manufacturing Analysis

Before you approve your part for manufacturing, it’s helpful to get instant feedback that lets you know it’s ready for our systems. Our advanced design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis gives you peace of mind before you hit the approve button.

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Here are answers to common questions our customers frequently ask. They cover a wide range of topics across all our service lines, ensuring you have the information you need.

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