Finishing Options for Injection Molding

Choose from a wide selection of finishing options for molding that strengthen parts, improve cosmetic appearance, provide customization, and other benefits.

Post-Processing for Molded Parts

Depending on your application's requirements, you can choose from the following when requesting an injection molding quote:

  • Mold texturing
  • Threaded inserts
  • Pad printing
  • Laser engraving
  • Basic assembly

Mold Texturing 

Apply industry standard textures to a mold. With mold texturing you can expect the equivalent of a Mold-Tech finish.

Threaded Inserts

We stock and install an assortment of commonly used standard inserts in UNF and metric sizes.  A complete chart of stocked inserts is available here.

Pad Printing

Transfer a two-dimensional image, like a company logo, onto a three-dimensional object. All images are reviewed for size, color, and complexity restrictions.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving can be applied to the mold or directly to final parts for information such as logos or part numbers. Laser engraving ensures crisp, consistent information on each part or serialization.

Basic Assembly

At Protolabs, basic assembly includes fastening molded parts together that we’ve manufactured and/or applying of labels to individually bagged parts.

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