Production Volumes for CNC Machining Parts

Cost-efficient machined parts at any quantity. 

Protolabs' Production CNC Machining Facility

CNC Parts

We're not only the fastest manufacturing supplier of machined prototypes but also the most reliable source of on-demand production parts.

Why is this important? 

You have a single-source supplier from concept validation to full scale production options. 

How do we do it? 

Beyond prototyping, we provide full support with production. Our experts manage your project across our manufacturing partner network to bring you competitive pricing with significant economies of scale. On-demand production is cost-effective, letting you build inventory as you need it. We can manufacture end-use parts at smaller quantities, or volumes up to one million parts - we're flexible on your needs. 

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Low Unit Costs

Lower piece part price as quantities increase.


Lead Time

Shipped in as fast as 5 days.

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Finishing Options

Anodizing, chromate plating, and beyond.

Sample CNC Parts


1 to 1,000,000 parts. No minimum.

4 Reasons to Turn to the Protolabs Network for Machined Production Parts

1. Reduced Piece-Part Price with Higher Quantities

Through long-standing partnerships with manufacturers, we offer fair, competitive prices. We help you to scale with volume pricing options to lower your price per part as quantities increase. 

2. Quality Documentation and Certifications

Get added quality assurance from conventional FAI reporting, CoC documentation, CMM inspection reports, full dimensional inspections, material test reports, material certifications, and industry certifications (PPAP, ISO 9001, etc.).

3. High-mix Configurations

We're equipped to handle a complex bill of materials. We provide full flexibility for production orders with multiple line items that require a high level of customization. 

4. Complete Order Management

We bring you the capabilities of more than 250 manufacturers, with the ease of working with one. You're supported by a dedicated point of contact and backed by an entire team working to produce your order to specs. 

Production Capabilities for CNC Machining

Our service is all about solutions and flexibility. We take time to understand your project and leverage our global network to find the right manufacturer for the job. We can help get products ready for market with:

  • Cosmetic finishes
  • Multiple surface finish options
  • Tight tolerances
  • Custom materials
  • Production tooling
  • Hardware assembly

Our production capabilities extend far beyond those on our quote builder.

Contact us for a personalized solution.

How it Works

Working with Protolab Network, you will always have a point of contact to assist you with your design and the manufacturing process to ensure
you get the parts you need at the specs you require.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you guarantee quality and consistency?

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Our comprehensive quality management system ensures that your production order is consistently up to spec. We only work with trusted manufacturing partners, and every order undergoes rigorous quality control.

Read more about our quality standards. 

What is the minimum and maximum order quantity?

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We know that production volumes vary greatly between projects and industries. We're happy to offer flexibility - you can order as many as one million parts, and there's no minimum. Customization, including lower volumes of many different line items, is also welcome. 

Where does production take place?

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Our manufacturing partners are based in several different countries. You can choose between local or global manufacturing for CNC machining. 

Find out how we manage our global network.


Start a Production Project

Get your products ready for customers. Start the production process by telling us about your project and our experts will be in touch to assist you. 

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