Our Digital Quoting Platform

Ready for a more intuitive way to get custom parts fast? Welcome to our best-in-class digital manufacturing platform for quoting and ordering. Modern interface. Seamless navigation. Interactive manufacturing analysis. Real-time pricing.

An Engineer's Best Friend

On-Demand Manufacturing

We provide two injection molding service options. One is best suited for those who need smaller part quantities often associated with prototyping and on-demand manufacturing (ODM) is a good fit for those who require larger part quantities common in low-volume production. To help you decide, our advanced price curve feature compares prototyping against ODM so you have full visibility and total cost of ownership on molded parts throughout the product life cycle.

Explore Sample Quotes by Service

Our sample quotes let you test drive our digital manufacturing platform to get a feel for how to navigate through the system. You can adjust things like materials, quantity, and turn time and see pricing implications as well as explore interactive design analysis on various parts. Each service has its own set of nuances so choose take a spin through all three.

Injection Molding

Look for the in-depth moldability analysis and our prototyping vs. ODM pricing comparison feature.

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CNC Machining

See how easy it is to assign threads to holes and check out some of the machining advisories you may encounter.

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3D Printing

Explore our material feature that lets you compare the cost of 3DP processes, materials, and resolutions.

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Get to Know the Platform

Read in-depth guides on why we enhanced our digital manufacturing platform, how to navigate through it, and interpreting our interactive manufacturing analysis.

Why Change?
We reassure you that the things you’ve enjoyed about our previous platform are not going anywhere, they’ve just gotten better. Here’s why change is good.

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We want to show you around the platform a bit and highlight some of the key features around navigation, organization, collaboration, and other elements.

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Manufacturing Analysis
We take a closer look our interactive design analysis. You’ll see we’ve given it a modern interface along with some new features you’ll find valuable.

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