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Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Process​

Unlike traditional sheet metal shops, we have infinite capacity and an easy-to-use online quoting system ensuring on-time shipment every time—whether you need a single part or 500 parts. You also have access to our team of knowledgeable engineers to optimize part designs and user-friendly online resources. Trim your production time and launch products faster with one local sheet metal supplier from prototypes to assemblies to finishing options.


Our Sheet Metal Material Options

  • Aluminum (1)
  • Brass (2)
  • Copper (3)
  • Stainless Steel (4)
  • Steel: CR Non-treated (5)
  • Steel: CR Galvanneal and CR Galvanized (6)

Sheet Metal Finishing Options

Looking for more than a few basic sheet metal parts? We offer welding, hardware insertion, plating, silk screening, and powder coating to provide complete sheet metal components all under one roof.

Why Choose Protolabs for Sheet Metal Parts?

Fast and Simple Online Quoting 
Our easy-to-use interface offers an average one-day upload-to-quote lead time (simple design quoting in as fast as one hour). Easily configure part specifications like material selection, and finishing options.

Reliable Delivery 
Quality parts delivered within our five-day standard lead time. 

Domestic Production
All sheet metal parts are made in New Hampshire with secondary operations such as hardware placement, welding, and finishing done in-house or locally by an approved vendor.  

Expansive Capacity
With more than 200 machines all under one roof, we’re dedicated to continuously evolving our capabilities.  

Sheet Metal Technical Expertise
Work with our team of engineering experts that offer technical design guidance and can inform you on manufacturability and cost-saving opportunities.  

If you have any issues getting your guide, click here to download.

Sheet Metal Design Guide

Download this guide to explore the processes involved in creating sheet metal parts along with how to design common features and select the right material.

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Advantages of Sheet Metal Fabrication

The sheet metal fabrication process is ideal for metal components and can support both prototyping and production quantities.

  • Low material waste
  • Can cost-effectively scale to production volumes
  • Multiple finishing options like anodizing and powder coating


Sheet Metal Applications

Sheet metal is a versatile manufacturing process for a range of metal components. The process can support high-volume commodity products and low-volume, one-of-a-kind applications. Common sheet metal parts include:

  • Electrical enclosure
  • Parts for computer electronics
  • Chassis
  • Brackets
  • Cabinets
  • Mounts
  • Appliances
raw sheet metal materials

How Does Sheet Metal Fabrication Work?

During the sheet metal fabrication process, thin sheet metal stock is placed on a flat bed where a laser cutter (1) draws programmed part patterns. Depending on the part geometry, a sheet metal punch (2) can form additional features. Once the parts are deburred, they move to the press brake (3) where they are formed into the final geometries. Additional secondary operations are often used to finish the sheet metal parts.

custom sheet metal fabrication process

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