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Sheet Metal Forming Service

Get custom formed sheet metal parts for rapid prototyping and production in as fast as 3 days

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Sheet Metal Forming Service

What is Sheet Metal Forming?

Press brake forming is a metal fabrication process that bends flat sheet metal into a final shape using a press brake machine. Force is applied between a punch (upper tool) and die (bottom tool), and linear bends can be made for a variety of metal materials and thicknesses. All brakes are equipped with CNC controllers for precise part positioning and repeatability. Press brake forming works well to create parts that include U-bends, flanges, channels, and internal bends. Lead times for qualifying formed parts are as fast as three days.

Sheet Metal Forming Design Guidelines and Capabilities

Follow these guidelines for formed sheet metal parts to ensure consistent quality and fast production times: 

Maximum Bend Length 

47 in.

Minimum Qualifying Part Size 

0.05 in x 0.05 in (12.7mm x 12.7mm) for formed parts 

Maximum Pressing Force 

80 tons 

Bend Angles 

1 degree ‘kick’ to 135 degrees 

Bending Output 

Linear bends—external and internal flanges

Maximum U-Channel Ratio 

2:1 (width:height) 

Internal Radius Tooling Options 

0.01 in. to 1 in. (standard tooling increments)  

>1 in. radius bends will be bump formed 


Standard offset tooling sizes 


Closed hems up to 47 in., open hems up to 36 in.

Forming Best Practices 

  • For best price and lead time, use manufacturer-recommended radius tooling 
  • Ensure appropriate placement of nearby features (e.g., holes, hardware inserts, other bends)  

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Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Feedback on Every Sheet Metal Quote 

We now offer automated design analysis for all sheet metal components, which highlights any features that may pose challenges during the fabrication process. DFM feedback that can improve the quality of your sheet metal parts is now delivered in minutes.  

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Sheet Metal Materials and Thicknesses for Formed Parts 

We offer the following metal materials for custom-formed sheet metal parts.
Note that based on material thickness, maximum bending capabilities will vary.



Thicknesses Available 


  • 5052-H32 
  • 6061-T6 (requires review) 
  • 5052: 0.025 in. – 0.250 in. (0.635mm – 6.35mm) 
  • 6061: 0.025 in. – 0.134 in. (0.635mm – 3.40mm)* 


  • Galvanneal (pre-plated) 
  • Galvanized (pre-plated) 
  • CRS/HRPO: 0.025 in. – 0.250 in. (0.635mm – 6.35mm) 
  • Pre-plated: 0.025 in. – 0.134 in. (0.635mm – 3.40mm) 

Stainless Steel 

  • 304-2B 
  • 304-#4 
  • 316-2B 
  • 304-2B: 0.025 in. – 0.250 in. (0.635mm – 6.35mm) 
  • 304-#4: 0.025 in – 0.119 in. (0.635mm – 3.023mm) 
  • 316-2B: 0.025 in. – 0.134 in. (0.635mm – 3.40mm) 


  • C1010 
  • C1100 
  • 0.025 in – 0.125 in. (0.635mm – 3.175mm) 


  • C260 
  • 0.025 in. – 0.125 in. (0.635mm – 3.175mm) 

*Formed parts made out of Aluminum 6061-T6 require manual review and are not configurable during the quoting process. 

Applications for Press Brake Formed Parts 

Press brake forming is a commonly used manufacturing process in industries such as energy storage, computer electronics, robotics, medical, and aerospace. Common sheet metal parts fabricated with forming include: 

  • brackets 
  • busbars 
  • covers 
  • panels 
  • mounts 
  • housings or enclosures 
Sheet metal forming