Manufacturing Partnerships

See how innovative companies are using digital manufacturing to solve complex development challenges and launch successful products to market fast.
Black 3D printed part


NASA partners with Protolabs to machine a crowdsourced, generatively designed part that was delivered in only 36 hours so the design could be presented at the PowerSource Global Summit.

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Helping Electrical Engines for Aircraft Soar
Protolabs awarded a grant to create a prototype of the vital tool, helping kids read for the first time.
Aptus DesignWorks takes advantage of the Protolabs manufacturing network to get quality sheet metal and CNC machined parts for an optical fiber toolkit used to install traffic cameras
Nordson Corporation
Multi Jet Fusion offers design freedom, durable materials to help Nordson Corp. rapidly prototype parts for adhesive dispenser for consumer electronics sector
IoT firm accelerates development of energy-saving device by onshoring production with quick-turn injection molding
Digital manufacturing goes above and beyond by molding 19 different part designs for Nokia
Downhole Emerging Technologies
Direct metal laser sintering accelerates development of tool for new geothermal technologies and lands national energy award
LUCI Wheelchair
On-demand injection molding, plus sheet metal fabrication, help bring LUCI technology to market
Finger Flyer
Georgia Tech student uses injection molding to create patented fingerport that makes controlling a toy drone a breeze for flight fans of all ages
Designers and engineers across the country quickly assembled The Aura Project to address ventilator shortage during pandemic
Fleetwood Electronics
Social Distancing Badge Lights Way to Return to Work Safely During Pandemic
Maker of Disinfectant Equipment Curbs Demand Spike During Global Pandemic with On-demand Manufacturing
Medtech firm uses low-volume injection molding to bring new coronary interventional technology to market
Unique Wheelchair Opens the Road Less Traveled
Additive manufacturing—and an exclusive MicroFine™ resin—help UVision360 rapidly prototype ultrafine parts, reduce tooling costs, and speed diagnostic scope to market
OVR Technology
OVR Technology turns to Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing at Protolabs to evolve VR experiences
NASA: Moon to Mars Competition
University research teams use Protolabs’ manufacturing services to help make dream of extracting water on Mars, Moon a reality
Lockheed Martin and NASA
Custom sheet metal parts solve storage space limitations—in space—for eventual voyage to Mars.
HemoSonics used 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding to quickly develop blood analysis machine
Parker Hannifin
Parker Hannifin Brings Exoskeleton to Life with Digital Manufacturing
Invoy Technologies
Invoy Technologies uses rapid injection molding for reusable and disposable parts in its next-gen medical device
Global food and beverage brand creates replica Black Panther mask with Multi Jet Fusion
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
National research lab turns to Protolabs to cut production costs and development time
Stream Lion
Engineering consulting firm uses production 3D printing to bring new modal hammer design to market.
Tech giant uses molding to trim development time from months to weeks for next-generation printers
Whoop Inc.
Fitness tech startup uses rapid manufacturing to accelerate its design cycles and get to market faster
Triax Technologies
Tech firm creates waterproof wearable device using Protolabs’ rapid overmolding process
Electronics giant leverages rapid prototyping to enhance comfort, design of Moverio augmented reality glasses
Protolabs and its Cool Idea Award help FarmBot reduce manufacturing complexities to meet growing demand for micro-farming
Harris Corporation
Government contractor Harris Corporation lauds insert molding’s benefits
Tervis Tumbler
Tervis leverages rapid injection molding for both prototypes and end-use parts
Rapid injection molding helps med device company bring vision to blind
Atom Power
Energy startup uses injection molding to revolutionize the circuit breaker industry
Smalley Steel Ring Company
DFM analysis, injection molding service help wave-spring manufacturer reduce costs
Brunswick Boats
Boat manufacturer charts new course with 3D printing and injection molding
French company uses rapid manufacturing to launch a sea change for sailboat winches
VSP Optical
Eyewear maker uses rapid injection molding to accelerate design validation in fitness tracker
Activated Research Company
3D-printed reactor speeds chemical analysis
Lockheed Martin
Indago drone takes flight with automated design analysis
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Exhibition builds ancient civilization with 3D-printed pyramids
Trinity University and NASA
Prototyping an asteroid retrieval device for space exploration
Opus KSD
An innovative new surgical tool from Opus KSD closes incisions with subcutaneous, bio-absorbable fasteners.
Innovative startup uses low-volume injection molding to reduce time to market
TRW Automotive
Rapid injection molding drives development of complex clock spring
Skyven Technologies
Solar panel system leverages both 3D printing and CNC machining during prototyping
Low-volume injection molding moves kinetic energy charger into pilot testing
Huge Design
California design firm puts new spin on bicycle utility with complex DMLS lugs
Quick-turn machining helps validate design before large-scale manufacturing
Braemar Inc.
Braemar uses injection molding for prototyping, production, and a faster launch to market
Helix Bikes
Bike maker uses machined titanium to create innovative new folding bike model
University of Minnesota Rocketry Group
3D printing service boosts rocket project for engineering students
University of Houston
Quick-turn machining helps University of Houston develop futuristic brain-‭machine ‭exoskeleton for paraplegics
Bounce Imaging
Durable plastic components key to development of Explorer tactical ball
Industrial designers clash for robot supremacy on ABC with help from Protolabs