Improve Your Supply Chain with Low-Volume Production Parts and Rigid Quality Control

Simplify your supply chain with a single supplier from early stage prototyping to low-volume production. As a digital manufacturer, we can make parts in as fast as one day while adhering to industry quality standards to reduce costs throughout the product lifecycle

How We Help Procurement and Supply Chain Teams

From tariffs and trade wars to global health issues and increased government regulations, supply chain disruption risk serves as a key issue for procurement teams. Supply chain disruptions can lead to significant issues, such as product shortages and increased costs for fixing the issue. Our digital manufacturing services are designed to help you respond to these issues in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Supply Chain Flexibility
With no minimum order quantities and parts in as fast as one day, we offer you with supply chain flexibility to respond to a line-down emergency, accelerate time to market with bridge production, and manage demand volatility.

Global Reach, Regional Supplier
Eliminate the risk of global disruptions by manufacturing locally. We have facilities in Minnesota, New Hampshire, and North Carolina to support the needs of our North American customers. And now, with our acquisition of 3D Hubs, our distributed network offers production centers at even more locations across the United States and beyond, adding additional security for your supply chain.

Competitive Pricing
Even with exceptional speed and on-time delivery, we can provide competitive pricing for as many parts as you need up to 10,000+. For injection molding, we use high-quality aluminum for tooling that significantly reduces the cost and time for cutting a new tool so you can get your parts faster and at a better price.

Reliability and Quality
We offer quality inspection reports to meet your quality management system, including molding process development reports, material reach/RoHS documentation, Certificate of Compliance (CoC), and Certificate of Analysis (CoA). We also offer quality certifications such as: FAI, Cpk, PPAP, sample and process qualification, and more.

Quality Certifications

We are committed to supporting the quality requirements of our customers. Across our various North American manufacturing facilities, we can support projects requiring the following certifications:

    > ISO 9001:2015

    > ISO 13485

    > AS9100D

    > ITAR Registered


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Digitalizing your Supply Chain for Agility

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Supply Chain Resilience Report

Supply networks drive the world's economies. Not only that, we are dependent on global supply chains for access to everything from food, to medical equipment, to energy. This is why it is more important than ever for organizations to shore up their supply chains and make them more resilient to both predictable and unpredictable disruptions. In this report, we look at supply chain risks, industry trends and strategies to combat concern including manufacturing automation, agile internal processes, supply chain monitoring, among others.

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A Buyer's Guide to CNC Machining

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