Post-Processing for CNC Machining

Evaluate standard surface finishes for CNC machined parts as well as advanced capabilities to improve durability, surface finish, and add color.

Standard Finishes

Choose from three standard surface finish options for CNC machined parts.

Edges broken (tool marks visible)

Edges deburred with visible toolmarks.

Materials: Plastic, Metals

Cost: $

Edges broken and light bead blast

Edges deburred with light bead blast.

Materials: Metals

Cost: $$

Leave sharp (tool marks visible)

Edges left sharp (tool marks visible) should be handled with care.

Materials: Metals

Cost: $

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CNC Machining Design Guide

The images above feature surface finishes for aluminum parts. To view surface finishes across other metals and plastics, download our CNC Machining Surface Finish Guide.

Quick-Turn Coating Options

Anodizing and chromate coating options are available for quick-turn parts that ship within four days.

Anodizing Type II

Colors: Black, Clear

Cost: $$

Anodizing Type III (Hardcoat)

Colors: Black

Cost: $$$

Chromate Type II (Non-Hexavalent)


Colors: Clear

Cost: $$

 Visit our coating page to see more details about anodizing and chromate conversion coating.

Advanced Post-Processing Options for CNC Machining Parts

Through myRapid and Protolabs Network, access a broad range of post-processing capabilities to meet your part’s exact specifications.

  Description Materials Factory myRapid Network
Bead Blast Light bead blast to provide uniform finish and light texture Metals X X X
Anodizing Type I, II, and III finishes are available to improve part durability and add color Aluminum
Chromate Coating Improve corrosion resistance, add electrical connectivity, and the ability to better paint parts Metals X X X
Electroless Nickel Plating A wear-, abrasion-, and corrosion resistant finish that is compatible with aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel Aluminum
  X X
Part Marking Laser engraving or pad printing to add labeling and other text to parts Metals
  X X
Passivation Enhance durability and corrosion resistance of metal parts Metals   X X
Powder Coating Add custom color to parts while improving durability Metals   X X
Press Fit Hardware Incorporate off-the-shelf hardware components to facility assembly Metals   X X
Silk Screening Add design elements or labels to parts Metals   X X
Brushing Achieve uniform, satin-like surface finish Stainless Steel     X
Polishing Create mirror-like finishes on metal parts Metals     X
Black Oxide Improve corrosion resistance Metals     X
Brushed + Electropolishing This combination of processing results in easy-to-clean parts that are corrosion resistant Metals     X