The Futuro House... in Space

By Laura Reeves

futuro house

Remember the Futuro house?

The Futuro spaceship-style house was originally designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in the late 1960s, it embodies the era’s confidence in technological progress and belief in the conquest of space. Together with artist Künstler Konstantin Landuris and The Design Museum, (Die Neue Sammlung), Munich, we 3D printed a replica of Futuro and sent it almost 40km up into the stratosphere!

The Futuro house is not only the most famous and innovative of its kind, but also one of the world's first mass-produced plastic houses. The house is currently part of a land art installation called “Futuro: A Flying Saucer in Town” at the Modern Art Gallery, (Pinakothek der Moderne).

"We emphasize once again that 3D printing stands for unlimited possibilities and a high level of innovation."
Daniel Cohn, General Manager Protolabs – Central Europe

A Symbol of technological progress in 3D printing

As part of their Futuro exhibition The Design Museum wanted to manufacture a scale replica of the house, and, in keeping with the 1960s dream of space travel, actually send it up into the stratosphere. This is where our 3D printing service came in.

We've supported The Design Museum with the production of various custom models over the years, so it was only natural that we 3D print their 14cm scale Futuro model. The result: a true-to-life mini version of the Futuro that illustrates the importance of 3D printing for museums.

50 years on from its creation, Futuro is once again a symbol of technological progress and highlights the limitless possibilities presented by 3D printing.