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The first fully soft autonomous robot

Manufacturing Robotics Report: Materials

Posted On 27 March 2023 By Protolabs
The latest instalment of a five part series, this article takes a deep dive into materials covering the difference between traditional and soft robotics, a new generation of robotics materials, sustainability of robotics materials, applications for soft robotics, and more.
engineer with robot

Manufacturing Robotics Report: Introduction

Posted On 20 March 2023 By Protolabs
First in the five part series, this article provides an introduction to the current state of robotics technology and provides you with an overview of what to expect from the remaining articles.
manufacturing shop floor

Crisis, what crisis? Four years that shaped Manufacturing Change

Posted On 14 November 2022 By Protolabs
In this blog we look back on the last four years of manufacturing - the challenges that were overcome, and how this has prepared the sector to meet new challenges head on in the future. Results are reflective of the yearly manufacturing survey sent out to the community in partnership with IMechE.
Industry 4.0: Automated Connectivity

Industry 4.0: Automated Connectivity

Posted On 22 August 2018 By Stephen Dyson
Industry 4.0 is considered the future. How can manufacturers unlock the opportunities it offers?
Outsourcing Partnerships that Prosper

Outsourcing Partnerships that Prosper

Posted On 28 March 2018 By Stephen Dyson
Manufacturers now consider ‘outsourcing’ as a partnership, rather than a supplier relationship. Stephen Dyson, Special Operations Manager, at Protolabs explains why outsourcing projects with trusted partners makes sense.