New Big Block CNC Machined Parts in a day from Protolabs

By Matt Hatch
cnc machine

We’ve launched a big block rapid CNC machining service for aluminium 6082 parts. With a reliable shipping time as fast as 1 day from the initial CAD upload.

Customers come to us because we can reliably machine and ship their parts in a wide range of metals and plastics far more quickly than other suppliers. And now this new big block CNC machining capability for aluminium 6082 makes this rapid prototyping and manufacturing service available for even more of your projects. 

Typically, you would use this service for prototyping, or perhaps low volume parts. With speed to market more important than ever, we can help give you a real competitive edge.

Our new big block CNC machining is available on 3 axis CNC machines. In common with our other milling services, we can maintain a machining tolerance of +/- 0.1mm to produce parts as thin as 0.5mm in regions if the nominal part thickness is above 1mm.

CNC milling is also available from us in more than 30 engineering grade plastic and metal materials in smaller block sizes using both 3 axis and 5 axis indexed milling. We can manufacture and ship anything from a single part to more than 200 parts in just 1 to 3 working days.

Our service starts with a customer uploading their CAD design into our automated quoting system where proprietary software analyses the design for manufacturability. This produces a quote and highlights any areas that may need redesigning within hours. After approval, the finished CAD can then proceed to manufacturing.

We have streamlined our manufacturing and prototyping service to such an extent that we can turn around parts from initial design to shipping in less time than most third parties would take to get a quote back.  One of the reasons is that we have automated the initial design analysis and quoting system.  While we do have application engineers who will get involved with the customer to advise them if needed, this automated process speeds up delivery considerably.