Grand Designs

By Matt Hatch
Direct Metal Laser Sintering

The advent of new technology, and in particular 3D printing, means that design is changing faster than it has ever done before and the limits of our imagination are being pushed to come up with crazy new products or solutions that improve the way we live our everyday lives.

As the world’s fastest digital manufacturing source for custom prototypes and low-volume production, Protolabs relishes the prospect of working with established clients and budding designers to help them turn their vision into reality.

We offer a free Design for Manufacture service with interactive analysis of your models within hours, whilst a 25-strong team of dedicated application engineers can guide firms on material choice and tolerances.

Sustained investment in 3D printing, CNC machining and injection moulding technologies allow us to then produce parts within days, giving our clients a cost-effective validation of the initial design and allowing firms and inventors to get to market quickly. The latter is an essential USP when trying to disrupt a marketplace.

3D printed cranial implant gives better quality of life
3D printed cranial implant gives better quality of life

3DPI Awards Trophy Design Challenge

Design is in our blood and one of the reasons why we are delighted to be a Medical Applications finalist in the 3D Printing Industry Awards and, importantly, renewing our backing for its Trophy Design Challenge.

This community-led competition gives budding designers the opportunity to place their ideas in the hands of the biggest names in our industry to come up with the prestigious trophies that will be handed out in London on 9th June.

The winning design should look to celebrate the unique capabilities of 3D printing, whilst pushing our manufacturing expertise to the limit. Our Application Engineers are ready to be challenged!

3dp industry awards

We can print in translucent/clear material so it will pay to think about how you can play with aesthetics by adding internal cavities and features that will be visible form the outside. You could even add a render to your submission to demonstrate your design’s internal features.

Other design elements to consider:

  • Lattice Structure
  • Must be designed in two different materials
  • Incorporate multiple features that are a minimum 0.15-0.20mm in size
  • Minimum/maximum trophy size is 75x75x75mm/125x125x125mm
  • Design should be optimised for SLA and MJF

In addition to the honour of being the architect behind the global awards, the winner will also receive an industry-leading Ultimaker 3D printer.

Design is at the heart of the Protolabs approach and we wish everyone all the best in the international trophy design competition – may the best design win!

For further information or to enter, please visit www.protolabs.co.uk/protolabs-171

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