STEM Inspired Holiday Activities for Young Engineers

By Laura Reeves

With the holidays fast approaching, here are a few ideas to keep creative minds and aspiring young engineers entertained (and quiet) during their break from school.

create with carboard
Image source: looledo.com
Create some cardboard confusion

December is the month of Amazon deliveries, so why not make use of the collection of cardboard boxes that inevitably accumulates. Simply cut a crawlspace or two into each box and enlist your young engineer to help assemble your maze. You’ll just need some strong tape or large plastic clips.

Alternatively, Home Dzine blog suggests making use of paper towel tubes to create a homemade marble maze. The great part is kids can really use their imagination and be creative with this project, and you don’t need to buy lots of expensive components.

No snow? S-no-w worries!

We're all dreaming of a white Christmas, but if your holiday is looking more grey than white it doesn’t mean you can’t make a snowman. Instead of gloves, hats and frozen extremities you simply need some plastic cups and a stapler to make this snowman. He'll last a lot longer than snow and construction will keep a young engineer or two entertained for hours.

Start on a level surface and staple the plastic cups next to each other until you have a full circle. Check out this tutorial if you want to make your own DIY snowman.

stem tower challenge
Start a STEM tower challenge

This STEM challenge from teacherspayteachers.com gives young engineers the chance to be innovative and create a tower/supporting structure using some very simple supplies.

Using little more than straws and coffee stirrers, sit back and watch your little engineers start constructing. It'll keep both of you entertained for hours.

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