The Protolabs Sustainability Training Hackathon – What Will I Get From It?

By Protolabs

The InspirON Sustainability Training Hackathon
– What Will I Get From It?

Businesses are increasingly turning to sustainability principles. The legislative and consumer demands of a business’s ‘green’ performance is a growing requirement, but this change will undergo a seismic shift in the years to come.

Businesses must be prepared. Manufacturing already strives for efficiencies, such as through energy consumption, within the supply chain and the way goods are shipped, but future legislation will throw a significant additional weight behind this effort. And those companies that step forward first to meet this future legislation will reap the greatest benefits and find new opportunities to capitalise on. The reputational and financial gains will be there for the taking.

Governments around the world including those here in Europe are already acting on their future sustainability ambitions. They will lean more heavily on manufacturers so there’s an inevitability to substantial legislative change that will impact the way products move through their life cycles. But it’s worth repeating: these are opportunities.

Design engineers are key to companies being able to seize these opportunities. They are in a unique position to support the move towards a greener economy. But understanding how to do so requires a knowledge and awareness of specific tools and methodologies that are provided by the Protolabs Sustainability Training Hackathon.

As an online learning event that fast-forwards participants through the growing urgency around sustainability the Training Hackathon is a fantastic opportunity to learn directly from experts and thought leaders in the field. Through a series of seminars, webinars and panel discussions participants will come to understand how products can achieve optimum sustainability through Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA). The focus will be on materials, the management of data, calculating carbon footprint, sustainability best practice – all within a framework of current and future legislation.

The event will bring together participants under the principle of learning whilst responding to a challenge: What can you redesign with life-cycle analysis (LCA) and sustainability in mind? The challenge will give participants the opportunity to work in teams and put their learnings into practice, to receive feedback on their work and to share their own knowledge.

What’s more, even though it holds tremendous value to those who participate, the Training Hackathon is being offered free of charge. The number of places is capped, so it’s worth moving quickly to secure a place.

All discussions, presentations and webinars that form the Training Hackathon will be CPD accredited, in accordance with the IET’s CPD policy.

All round tables, presentations and webinars will be available to view on-demand.

The Protolabs Sustainability Training Hackathon, in partnership with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and Wevolver, is an ambitious event that provides a vital learning and engagement framework. It will support participants and ultimately help reshape the global design engineering community into what it must become.

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