Interview with Ray Reynolds, Sales Manager

By Protolabs

Who are you and what is your position at Protolabs?  

My name is Ray Reynolds, Sales Manager for the High Growth team in NER.  However, I joined Protolabs in 2017 as an Account Manager, promoted to Senior Account Manager in 2019 and then to Sales Manager in 2020 

How does a typical working day look like for you?   

Responding to emails, reporting performance and updates to the team. Training sessions, 1-2-1s and various other strategic meetings with other departments – Busy!! 

What do you like most about your job?   

The variety of tasks I have each day.  Although we sell the same services day in day out, every day presents its own unique challenges. This could be from helping an Account Manager overcome an issue with a customer to being part of a group designing a new process for business improvement. 

What’s your favourite lunch routine?   

Going out for coffee with my work bestie! It’s healthy to get away from the office for a good hour!  

What’s the most unique thing you’ve worked on at Protolabs so far?   

When I was an Account Manager I worked on a project for a gaming device that was designed to help rehabilitate physical movement in stroke victims. It’s always been the most purposeful project I’ve worked on. I also have some involvement at times with a customer who makes powered prosthetics (knees, legs, arms etc) - super cool! 

Why did you choose Protolabs?   

I’m a bit of a tech geek and when I was looking for a new role, the technology that Protolabs used and offered in their services was a really exciting concept which attracted me to apply. 


What advice would you give to yourself looking back on starting at Protolabs?  

There are times when you will really need to exercise the power of patience – in those times, remain positive, try your best to affect positive change and just let things be sometimes.   

Describe what Protolabs means to you in 3 words.   

Team, innovation, success