Laser Etching

laser etched qr code on part at Protolabs



  • Bar codes, date codes, QR codes,

  • Serial numbers, part numbers, material codes

  • Copyright/trademarks and logos

Laser Etching (also known and laser marking or laser engraving) utilises a highly precise laser beam to apply a permanent mark to a wide range of materials including many different plastics and metals.

Part reference and logos can be laser etched or marked on parts where moulding in the mark is not possible. Marking aluminium parts post anodising is also available.

  • Single source partner to get finished parts shipped in days
  • Typical lead times of 5+ business days


  • Plastics and metals

Note: results will differ across our range of plastics. We will advise on request for quotation

laser etching on injection moulded part

Note: We are continuously expanding our capabilities. If you have specific questions around these capabilities, please contact your account representative at 01952 683522

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